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How to Create A Project:

1) Sign Up, you must be a member of the site before you can set up projects. 
2) Make sure you have a PayPal Account, because you will get your money there. Get a free PayPal account if you don't already have one. Click here to get one  
3) Create a new project
4) create rewards, if you give any & Publish the project
5) Now get busy promoting your new project on Google+ and Facebook and everywhere else you can. 

Setp By Step:

Things to have ready: PayPal e-mail address, Project Main Image


Click "Sign Up" on the main menu and enter the required information. Make sure you get the PayPal e-mail right, there is NO CHANGING it later. (If you don't already have a PayPal account , see Step 2)

After having set up and account you can login and add/change your password etc. by clicking "My Account" (see picture to the right).  Make sure you add a picture, it will show in your project as a user thumbnail. 

Also, keep in mind that the password and security question you enter are case sensitive and MUST match letter by letter to work for you. So make sure you remember what your type here and keep it simple eough so you can remember it easliy... 
For example, if you enter your favorite city as "New York" then you must enter it the same way when asked for your security question during a verification session. That means you MUST enter the same upper/lower case spelling or the verification WILL FAIL.

If you don't remember it , all you can do is e-mail support and hope that you don't have to wait too long...




Click the "Get Started" button on PayPal's website to set up your Standard PayPal account 

(it's free and it is all you need) if you haven't done so already...

Follow the instructions on the site and rememberr the e-mail you used for PayPal. 

It is the one you will have to enter in Step 1.

If you already have a PayPal e-mail address you are currently using, you can use it in 

step one and you don't have to bother to set up another PayPal account (uness you 

want to, to keep sepperate accounting, which might be a good idea)


Login to your account. You will be at the main Home screen from where you can do

 everything you need to do.

 From starting a new project to editing / updating currently running ones.

To start a new project, click the red Start New Project icon. You will be brought to the payment screen where you can decide how much money you want to raise with your project. No matter how high you want to go, the fee is only 2%, no more...

 For example, if you want to raise $1,000.00, it will cost you $20 to start. The cool part is that if your project raises the $1,000.00, you can extend it to $10,000.00 using your already raised funds to make it basically free the next time around!

Anyway, after you paid for your project you will be brought to the initial project set-up screen where you MUST define a Title, Category and Project Image, so have your poject Image ready, these 3 items can NOT be changed later on, because they define your project and make finding it easy. People will look for that and if we would allow changing them, they'd never figure out what and where your project is....

Your project image can be of the item you want to maufacture, design, print, make, or even of yourself, or  family, or friends if you are raising money for yourself, or them. 

Anything goes, whatever you are raising money for, it should be well reflected by the choice of your project image, title and category.

After you paid for your project you will be brought to this screen:

Here it is IMPORTANT to enter all the items you CAN NOT CHANGE LATER on.

Most important: The Title, Project Image and Category.

You can also add a video, but that can be done later. The end date will be 90 days AFTER you puplish the project (it isn't published until you specifically do so, which gives you plenty of time to complete the project description at your own pace).  The MAIN PROJECT Description can be changed until you publish, then it is becomes unchangeable. However, you can always add more updates and images etc. later on, while he project is running, if need be.

The founding goal can be as high as you paid for. If you are trying to raise $700 for rent for example, make it $700. (though you can make it up to $1000, if that is what you paid for). We suggest initially not to try to raise more than you need, then you will come across as greedy (for personal projects). If the funds donated become more then expected, that just makes it much cooler in everyoe's eyes.

The Project Main description should contain compelling points on why you are raising the funds, it is always the first item right after the image, so make it count...

 If people get emotionally captured by what you write, or relate to what your resons are, they are more likely to support you. Make it personal and try to get them to relate to the goal.

After you have defined the basics of your project and clicked "Save and Finish", you will be brought back to your Home screen. Here you can now click the "My Current Projects" icon to edit your new project and add rewards, if you have any planned. (See screen above, Step 3, it is right above the bright red "Start a New Project" icon).

Right after you clicked the "My Current Projects" icon you will be brought to this screen:

This example shows four current projects, you will initially only have one. 

Click the project you want to edit and it will bring you to the Edit Screen, where you can edit and add updates, as well as rewards, as long as your projec hasn't been published yet. 

After Selecting the project to edit you will be brought to the Edit Screen. Here is also where you can decide to  publish your project, or even cancel and terminate it immediately. 

Here you see your Main Project Image (can't be changed anymore), the title and category (can't be changed anymore either). You can add, or change, the video you want to display if you have one. You must upload your video to and get it's embed code from there, then you can just paste it into the field for the video here and presto, the video is in your project. 

Don't worry, there's help there, just click the Help (question mark) icon and it will show you how to do it. 

The next thing you might want to do is to set up the rewards you might have for certain donation amounts. These can be as simpe as Thank You e-mails, letters etc, all the way up to finished products your project might yield. The rewards etc. can be edited / added until you publish the project by clicking the "Publish It" button (see arrow in screen shot).

You set up rewards by clicking the "Add / Edit Rewards" icon. There you can describe the reward, for what amout it will be given, how many there are and add an image of it, as well as a title. Rewards ALWAYS make people more willing to support a project, especially if it is one that is not a personal, but a product / invention/ art etc. type project... (see screen below)

You can also add new Updates here (even after the project has been published) and they can include images. Best place to host your images is a site like Pinterst etc., all you have to do is to put a link to the image in your  description and it will show.

If you click the "Publish It" button the project will become immediatley available for view and searching on the Its' A Fund Thing site, BUT: You can NOT add rewards anymore, only add / delete Updates from now on to keep your supporters in the loop and informed on progress and news etc. So make sure you got it all set up before you publish.

The "End Project" Button IMMEDIATELY ends your Project, use it if you raised the money you wanted, are done with the project and / or need to immediately cancel the project. 

This can NOT be undone, once cancelled it's gone into the archives of old projects and no one can fund it anymore. So be careful!


You can enter rewards as stated above and as seen to the right. (The rewards screen with 2 rewards entered).

You MUST enter a title for the reward (the title will show in your donation at PayPal), defintively the Dollar amount of a donation for which the reward will be given, a description, how many of the rewards of this type will be available and when they are shipped / fulfilled. 

A photo / image of the reward can also be uploaded (and should, rewads with images motivate more funders to act).

Rewards can be edited and deleted, as well as added at any time you are designing your project.

But: Once the project has been published, they can NOT be changed anymore. 

So make sure you got all your ducks in a row, everything double checked and all rewards designed before hitting the "Publish It" button...